Self Driving Cars

Unclassified Papers

  1. Unsupervised Depth Estimation. [Garg, ECCV '16]
  2. LIDAR point upsampling. [Schneider, Arxiv '16]
  3. Unified multi-scale CNN. (KITTI: 8th car, 1st ped) [Cai, ECCV '16] [Home] [Code] [Video]
  4. Subcategory-aware CNN. (KITTI: 7th car, 3rd ped)) [Xiang, Arxiv '16] [Home]
  5. Exploit all layers. (KITTI: 10th car, 5th ped) [Yang, CVPR '16] [Home]
  6. 2D/3D Sensor Exploitation and Fusion for Enhanced Object Detection (Similar to ours) [Xu, CVPRW '14]

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